Dove c’è @filippoferrari00 c’è casa. 💓👫🍹 #divanorolling #samsungdistrict #XF9 by dueditanelcuore

Dove cè @filippoferrari00 cè casa. 💓👫🍹 #divanorolling #samsungdistrict #XF9 by dueditanelcuore

Foto #xf9 di dueditanelcuore su Instagram: Dove c’è @filippoferrari00 c’è casa. 💓👫🍹
#divanorolling #samsungdistrict
Precedente Ieri al live di #XF9 by mikafanclubitaly Successivo HIII this time i uploaded a drawing video as some of you asked me. you can see the entire video with better quality on YouTube. you'll find the link in my bio, remember to subscribe if you want to see more & give it a thumbs up to let me know that you enjoyed it :) --- the person i'm drawing is @margheritaprincipi by astrohen